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People are consuming over a billion hours of video every day and making over 5 billions searches for video content. These are your consumers and your shoppers already expressing real and highly valuable opinions about your brands on the Video Web.

Millions of People. Millions of Opinions. Every single day.

Similar to how Google indexes the textual web by looking inside and indexing on keywords, Youplus uses computer vision, audio and text analysis to look inside videos and associate the salient parts to opinions. On top of the opinion index, Youplus has created the Insights-Neural-Network to unlock and predict qualitative insights trapped deep inside vast Video Web content.

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Youplus launched the Video Opinion Index and Search Engine (V.O.I.S.E. platform) in 2017. It is now being used by over 100 Brands and agencies in US, UK and India. In 2018, we launched our new Video Insight Embedded Widget (V.I.E.W. platform) to specifically serve the e-commerce community.