The Science Behind the Why

The world is changing.

Video content now represents 74% of all internet traffic.

What was once a mosaic of blogs and a web of text is now a world of videos. Youplus has developed V.O.I.S.E. to look INSIDE videos to understand, measure and index the opinions being expressed.

We are fundamentally changing the way you can see, hear and understand your audience.

People have opinions and are not shy to speak them! More than any other source, consumers are tuning to video reviews of products uploaded by everyday people like themselves to inform their buying decisions.

Youplus helps marketers solve key questions by learning what the video web is thinking and feeling, and then indexing its relevant contents. From macro topic trends to brand-specific sentiment, we deliver data and insight driven by the real, untapped universe of human opinion influencing the market place right now.


Internet traffic is Video content.


of Videos are uploaded to Youtube every minute.


Consumers prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.


We generate insights on consumer behaviors, preferences, knowledge base, habits and more!